hello my name is narcissist meme

Hello My Name Is Narcissist Badge

Did you ever wish you had a way to spot Narcissists easily in the wild? Here’s your sign.

We swear… bless their dark and tarnished little hearts.

If only they were legally forced to wear an ID tag — so much pain, confusion, money, and wasted time could be prevented from being lost!

See flyingmonkeysdenied.com for more information about how to identify and recover from Narcissistic Abuse.

Cluster B humans are a serious issue. They are a danger to themselves and to others — especially when Forensic Psychology notes about their behavior are withheld from people like their targeted victims, preferred scapegoats, and authority figures.

The “Hello My Name is NARCISSIST” ID badge could readily (and in an amusing way) help people who are not narcissistic learn who to avoid in public at gatherings.

Hello My Name is Narcissist badge