Narcissists love Narcissistic Supply

The Narcissist considers Family and Loved Interests Narcissistic Supply

Narcissists love Narcissistic Supply — children and family members, as well as mates, are socially objectified by narcissistic people the more they are supposedly [owned, touched, and physically] “loved”.

A Narcissist is always socially transactional. People are valued and seen for how they can be used and mistreated without the Hospitality Abuser being likely held responsible fiscally or morally for any medical or civic harm they cause by mistreating dehumanized individuals.

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The more you know about how to spot a potential abuse situation relating to Narcissism and problematic people, the faster you will be able to avoid being harmed further while learning how to heal.

Narcissists love Narcissistic Supply
Narcissists love Narcissistic Supply.