Narcissists remain levelheaded until

Narcissists remain level-headed until

Narcissists remain level-headed until someone speaks the truth about them or to them that does not fit with their idea or particular gaslighting spin.

The more a Narcissist is challenged by people who speak truth or who expect all humans to use logic, the more likely they are to turn socially caustic. Likely to develop a Narcissistic Injury if anyone dares to suggest any statement they make that is irrational, inaccurate, openly untrue, or off-topic, the Hospitality Abuser treats fellow conversationalists like they are socially offensive, confrontational garbage.

A Narcissist who claims the world or a “fact” is a certain way — noting they use the term fact interchangeably with their own lies and gaslighting infused delusional phrases — is likely to be furious if and when anyone dares to challenge their assertion or presentation of themselves as an authority figure.

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Logic and truth are not a Narcissist’s friend. Neither are people who cherish pro-social communication and collaboration rather than socially competitive behavior.

The more sane, rational, and well reasoned your argument from an academic sense or truly caring your social demeanor, the more likely the Social Predator is to accuse you of being psychologically unstable, crazy, out to get them, et cetera.