Narcissism Axis of Evil Hinge

Narcissism the root of the Axis of Evil

The Narcissism Axis includes people who are on the Cluster B spectrum of toxic and anti-social behaviors in general.

Narcissism, Sociopathy, and Psychopathy are the three main types of Cluster B behavior most people tend to report as causing them (as victims or trauma-exposed parties) the most problems.

The more narcissistic the act, the more the person doing the abusing only thinks of themselves in the immediate without regard to short or long term consequences their word choice or behavior exhibited will do harm to either themselves or to others.

Histrionic and Borderline Personality types routinely employ (deploy) Narcissistic Abuse Tactics used by Narcissists, Sociopaths, and or Psychopaths to net gain themselves attention and control of social situations. They are actually Cluster B personality types in and of themselves, but the axis of behavior elements they tend to display tends to leave them appearing narcissistic at best and arguably morally bankrupt in the most extreme of cases.

Histrionic people tend to swallow all the air in the room when they walk in. They tend to present as the Entertainer who is fully capable of pitching a day or night altering fit when and if they feel they are not getting proper attention.

Borderline people are nurtured from the earliest age of toddler mobility that if they pitch a fit or cause a scene that they will be given whatever they want from whoever is there to be traumatized by them as their social abuse target or witness.

Sociopaths tend to like structure and order. They become exceptionally narcissistic if their routines are disrupted. If you do not grant them what they wish or demand in a time-sensitive manner know that whether it happens right then or not, the Sociopath will be likely to assume such a narcissistic stance that they will do or say whatever it is to get what they want in the immediate and they will absolutely get even with anyone who strove to corral them.

Psychopaths tend to be prone to violence toward others. What act could possibly be more narcissistic than to self indulge in that kind of Emotional Hedonism?

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The Axis of Narcissism relates in social and political theory to personality types of Megalomaniac Dark Triad leaders Historians have classically referred to as The Axis of Evil.

What has become painfully obvious in the 21st century is that all Cluster B individuals tend to be profoundly socially and emotionally (as well as typically physically) codependent.

Narcissism Axis of Evil Hinge
Narcissism is the key feature of the Axis of Evil