Narcissists play the blame game for sport

Narcissists play the blame game for sport

Narcissists play the blame game for sport. Of course they do — all narcy people are of the socially competitive sort!

Manufacturing social and emotional chaos in the lives and bodies of other humans is a Narcissist’s favorite boredom alleviating pastime.

They specialize in taunting, mocking, and covertly baiting their prey — namely anyone who on purpose (or accidentally) chooses to give them a moment of their life any given day. Once you are hooked, you are their fish on a line for them to reel in (as fishing enthusiasts say).

And it’s fishing they do — considering looking for Narcissistic Supply among unsuspecting strangers and or preferred Scapegoat dupes and rubes they keep on a fish-stringer-esque list of contacts that in the modern era replaced the 20th-century version of a Little Black Book.

Once one supply snaps and boots them out of the house, home from a terrible date, or off whatever shift they are working where they don’t want to be, the Narcissist as Love Fraud Social Predator heads off to old neglected friends or love interests to woo their attention again.

Part of the reason why Love Fraud predators are so successful in general is that they present to strangers or people who they seek to gaslight or to con as if they are the most charming and interesting people on the planet.

They also poison the well against every mate so strangers believe about the person whatever the typically aspiring or actualized Serial Cheater striving to compete with their abused and tormented Alpha Love Interest (almost always on purpose).

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