Narcissists are responsibility avoidant

Narcissists are responsibility avoidant

Narcissists are responsibility avoidant. Emotional and social responsibilities for damage they do using a mix of words, deeds, and inactions that are malevolently timed are things they strive to so they thrive.

But thriving is not what narcy people are actually doing. When a Narcissist conceptualizes the term ‘Thrive’ they do not think of it in terms of being happy or actually being successful.

For a Narcissist to thrive, they require attention. Plain and simple, the Alpha without a Beta and an audience to applaud is simply a sad person alone who is emotionally unable to be alone or they wither.

As such, the Narcissist learns to play an attention-seeking and type of social Narcissistic Supply hunting game.

They bait.

They taunt.

They mock.

They sneer.

The Narcissist becomes a pervasive social attention-seeking provocateur. But not one who wants to be held accountable for whatever attention-seeking antics they pull.

What they want is your reaction. Your mind on their needs. On their mood. On their whatever fanciful justification for their terrible behavior they exhibit at random by impulse.

But they don’t want you to leave. Oh no.

That’s when the Honeymoon behavior part of the Narcissistic Cycle of Abuse starts.

[Read more about the Love Fraud process over on — a Narcissistic Abuse recovery website.]

You see, when they abuse someone else’s time or hospitality it’s never their fault… that’s their Stage Hypnosis gambit. Pretend if they did it, it wasn’t their fault.

But if it was their fault, the victim deserved whatever trauma exposure the narcy person created for no reason other than to make themselves feel somehow toxic special or Cerebral Narcissist style smart.

Narcissists are responsibility avoidant
Narcissists are responsibility avoidant.