The Narcissist does not want to be caught lying

The Narcissist reviles being revealed for deception

The Narcissist does not want his or her deception of the general public revealed. They are socially competitive, transactional, and socially violent fickle people.

Machiavelli — the famous Forensic Historian smear campaigned — was right. People who are narcissistic will turn their social and emotional loyalties on a whim to support whoever or whatever they think serves their personal (rather than the social collective’s) best interest at any given point in time.

Robert Hare — the man who studied Cluster B people (predominantly Narcissistic Sociopaths and run of the mill Psychopaths) early on in the 20th century with the most ah-ha moment revealing success noted impulse to harm is huge in Cluster B folks. He noted a Narcissist might choose to avoid using words or something like their fists to harm a target for fun if they think it will produce socially or physically adverse consequences… adding the clarification someone who has a physically violent nature might feel compelled to harm someone on impulse based on opportunity rather than hinging on the civic weight of social or personal consequence measurement.

A Narcissist will lie to self promote or to avoid consequence. A Sociopath will lie for functional reason — to make their life easier in general by avoiding having anyone who they lie to consume their time by being upset. But the Narcissist — they will lie to see if they can do so in a way that is convincing. For them, it’s about the perception of power.

The Narcissist does not typically want to be caught lying. To be caught means someone outsmarted them and took away their ability to develop the highly addictive Duper’s Delight neurochemical.