Survive Stalking and Witness Tampering

Survival Insights for and from victims of Pervasive Stalking

Being targeted for pernicious social and emotional destruction by an overt or covert Anti-Social person or socially violent peer group is never fun. It’s frightening, isolating, and medically unnerving nearly 100% of the time to be forced to endure unavoidable, intense, PTSD inducing social and psychiatric torture.

Feeling underwater all the time socially and emotionally? That’s likely the medical and neurological impact of physically being exposed to and forced without remedy or relief to endure pervasive stalking and social abuse in relative isolation.

But figuring out there are essentially no laws to protect the victims of the equivalent of Social Intelligence operatives running a public menacing campaign or con… that’s the kicker. That, and realizing that no one — including many people who pretend to be advocates for victims of stalkers and or violent crime — is likely to show up when the right time to show public and private support actually comes.

At its core as a human experience, being hunted and maligned socially by Machiavellian personality types and their Flying Monkey armies like you are some kind of animal they turned into their Prey is exactly what the predator aspires to create in the life, mind, and emotional body of their victim. They tend to brag on their “above the law grandiosity” while doing things like pretending the people they target for harm are somehow abusing them, slighting them, and that the abuse victim deserves any abuse that has been dished out specifically for fun by a Sadist and their peer group in to hurt or to shun and humiliate the already (likely) betrayed and wounded party.

Being targeted for something like Pervasive Stalking or having been publicly smear campaigned unjustly is an utterly medically and socially destabilizing event [being hunted] that seems to continue in body and society in such a way that the trauma exposure becomes 24/7 365 daily, all-consuming psychological, physical, and emotional torture of prey for the pleasure and idle amusement of the socially malevolent actor or actors involved in creating the inherently civically and physically violent neural dynamic.

Systemic and pervasive social mistreatment of a targeted party or person by someone with a Cluster B personality disorder is financially, socially, and typically physically destructive in the life of a target. Children of the target have their lives and entire childhood marred by the exposure to trauma, romantic relationships suffer, and the life path divined by God or a higher power for the person treated like Prey is inextricably altered by the human overriding and essentially date-rapey hand of the Abuser.

Everything from lifestyle to the short and long term health of not only the target but to everyone they love or interact with is impacted — including anyone who is deprived of a healthy, full, and loving interaction with a target because the target is emotionally and medically terrorized (and therefore incapable of interacting in what would have been their god-given right to socialize free from the metaphoric legal equivalent of Visitation Interference.

If you have been targeted for social abuse like meat for a Beast, chances are you are either fully aware you have been black-marked or you have a very strong feeling something in your life related to other people who know or who have encountered your Abuser that something in their reaction to you is profoundly off or out of skew.

Trust your gut and seek to escape or to actively end the emotional and social enmeshment with anyone who is involved with the predator or caustic actors. The less a target considers the predator and that person’s enablers as people with an opinion that matters to Prey, the faster medical recovery from the toxic shame that they weaponized is likely to occur in their victim’s physical body.

If you are not sure what to do after being targeted for social sabotage or some kind of sick punishment for simply living, breathing, and existing, you are in the same boat with every other person who has been vexed with a Stalker or something like a toxic family unit striving to manufacture your demise.

There are a few key pieces of data anyone targeted for mistreatment or social neglect should realize about their abuser in order to make better reasoned and sane reactionary decisions. Know thy enemy without needing to perceive the word “Enemy” as something socially and emotionally engaging.

When the Prey learns who the Hunters are and can recognize things like abuse patterns and tactics, the predator’s efforts to harm can oftentimes be reduced, thwarted, or avoided emotionally as a trauma in the mind and body of the target. A sheep informed how to spy and to avoid interacting with wolves is likely to live a much longer and happier life.

The following insights about how to process the reality of being stalked or hunted can help a victim of social predation to get their biopsychological bearings. By no means are the insights presented the only ones applicable, but they can be a springboard to inspire greater key term research or understanding.

First, it’s important to grok that if you are the fixation of a Cluster B person or peer group, chances are you did nothing to deserve the abuse. Or, if you did something to engender hostility from a predator that your “sin” or “crime” and their response are likely to be utterly disproportionate in their response against you.

The process by which a person with an ASPD develops [what is known as] a “Narcissistic Rivalry” with a target seldom has anything to do with the target or something the target has said or done on purpose to raise the interest of their Abuser.

Breathing, existing, or simply having been a person who is better at ANYTHING that the toxic person is oftentimes enough for the Social Predator to fixate on striving to manufacture social competition between them and the object of their tainted affection.

Second, if abuse continues for more than a few weeks or months, understand you might be in for a lifetime of them actively engaging in a systematic pattern and consistently content recycled abuse. If someone is fixated on you post-divorce, for instance, realize that most drama post breakups — even with co-parenting issues being worked out after a contentious situation — end within two years of the legal dissolution of marriage; anyone aggressing or striving to harm you beyond that is likely to have a seriously dangerous personality type likely to seek to create opportunities to be violent.

Avoiding a battle of wits or physicality is healthier and safer than engaging in most instances (unless it becomes physically time to confront a predator in a face-to-face, non-premeditated showdown); stand your ground if they do something like break into your home or car but seek to flee interaction to avoid physical violence or unnecessary direct or indirect personal exposure to the scary person or people at every possible other junction. Always call 911 or alert your local authorities if you feel you are in imminent danger from someone overtly threatening you.

Third, there is no way to get the “Liquid Terminators” to stop tormenting their Preferred Scapegoats aside (apparently) from when they expire by natural causes. Once one fixates, the personality type is likely to become profoundly parasitic — attacking without reason while hyperstimulating and feeding their own personal addiction to things like hyper-adrenalizing to produce a neurochemical rush that people who hunt and harm other humans or animals unilaterally report as making them feel young and invulnerable.

Locking them up or exposing their crimes to the general public or asking for protection from them from the law only seems to give them faked moral excuse to lash out at targets harder. Knowing this fact — that predators escalate and get better at hiding who they abuse as they age —  is the hardest reality to accept for most people who have been caught in the mind’s eye of someone deranged.

[Abuse Enablers often tell victims to continue to tolerate abuse because it will ease off as the Abuser ages. By doing so, they prevent the toxic person from getting professional help to stop abusing while they further socially mislead, betray, and place victims of Abusers in further and even more dangerous medical as well as social and physical harm’s way.]

Fourth, understand the Abuser — during periods of stress or when something in their life feels out of control — is likely to recycle old Narcissistic Supply. Understanding social PREY is the ultimate Narcissistic Supply for a person with a domineering, violent personality type is key to understanding why they chase.

A carnivore will chase anything that shows fear or that strives to avoid becoming a meal for them on any given particular or even non-specific day. Likewise, a Social Predator who is seeking attention and or an excuse to feel powerful when their life is out of control or they feel a pang of insecurity will turn their life’s fury and focus onto screwing with a Preferred Scapegoat target simply because they personally can — not because it’s appropriate, necessary, or right.

That means calls, emails, faked police reports, faked Social Services reports, crazy texts, truly menacing stalker posts taunting victims of things like domestic violence, and or witness tampering especially during periods when cases are on a docket to be tried are all likely to keep showing up as a result of the toxic person’s socially and emotionally retarded (meaning neuro-emotionally stunted and civically deplorable) antics.

Cluster B people are the type who when they have a bad day at work they come home and abuse the spouse, then the kids, then the family pets. Kick the dog, bash the wife, terrify a child… whatever they feel like taking out of their own neuropsychology on another who is in a physically or socially weaker position, they will.

In the event a co-parent or family member who is considered a black sheep or an exile is available to menace, the Sadist seeking to ease their own neurotic angst is likely to displace rage from their personal life onto a target they verbally and socially treat like a pinata. Bashing their Preferred Scapegoat in private and or mocking and taunting abuse victims in public to dehumanize and to witness tamper is commonly reported as what the Cluster B person and their social network consider fun, funny, or entertainment.

Fifth, filing a lawsuit or having them arrested gives them the opportunity to invade your mind, time, and private life even further… and worse, potentially locks a victim into having a Stalker or Mob further trauma expose them by doing things like verbally or physically assaulting their mark on any day when the Abuser party is forced to interact with the predator or predatory faction in court.

And sixth…

With it understood that there are no laws that currently give any form of social protection or justice to Abuser victims while simultaneously giving full legal power to menace and to do things like lie under oath without any form of social, fiscal, legal, or (apparently) moral consequence, victims of Social Engineering to destroy them have few ways to be or to feel okay in either their own skin or in society.

As such, finding atypical social and emotional coping mechanisms to assist a body with trauma exposure caused by the profound dehumanization of person and abuse of the concept of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for Abuse Victims having been functionally denied can and does tend to make the medical difference whether or not an Abuse victim — during periods of persecution or social exile from things like family units or their former personal community support networks — survive. writes, “If you have been blindsided by stunning malevolence here are 16 focus points to help you move on…”

  • Survive the event even when you think you cannot (hard to see that there is light when you are in the dark).
  • Fight despair.
  • Dis-identify with those who do not have your back but should.
  • Find witnesses who mirror, validate and empathize.
  • Associate with people who are compelled by truth.
  • Indulge in comforts till you regain your footing.
  • Get up when you feel you cannot.
  • Break contact and cease dialogue with those who are incapable of acknowledging what they have done—forever.
  • Brush off debris, detritus, bothersome people who are neutral when being upstanding is called for.
  • Take back your productivity.
  • Have faith in your natural capacity for love and joy.
  • Hold on to your mental health by working with a good therapist or spiritual guide.
  • Be a member of a community where emotionally perverse interactions are unacceptable.
  • Reach out to others who suffered the same.
  • Don’t be injured, be angry…

Victims of extreme pervasive stalking or, for instance, abuse by a toxic parent or abusive co-parent seeking to alienate the affection of a group or children from a targeted person, are likely to find the aforementioned tips on how to survive being targeted for social and emotional destruction by a Sociopath or Mobbing family unit helpful.

Avoiding retaliatory thinking and or seeking validation and comfort from the people who put a target in harms way… or from those who enable social predators to succeed in depriving their target of things like inclusion in family units or humane recognition of them… appears to be key to surviving the heartbreaking reality of being targeted for abuse by a person who enjoys harming or playing dirty.

Feeling righteous indignation is appropriate to feel and to express if and when someone (oneself or another) is targeted by someone who, with malicious and Machiavellian intent, does things to harm or socially disadvantage another human. Anger, however, is a survival skill impetus; as such, being mindful to really analyze what’s under the angry neurochemical flush if and when it arrives is important to victim health.

Embracing the process of examining emotion when it arises is healthy… with a reminder not to allow feeling angry about having been slighted to become your primary physical sensation to acknowledge is helpful managing the stress and medical duress caused by being (for instance) taunted, lied to, and lied about by Abusers and their fawning Enablers

Embracing the process of examining emotion when it arises is healthy… with a reminder not to allow feeling angry about having been slighted to become your primary physical sensation to acknowledge is helpful managing the stress and medical duress caused by being (for instance) taunted, lied to, and lied about by Abusers and their fawning Enablers

Psychology Today’s writers add, “Fury is fine [to feel as an emotional response to injustice and to feel a need to address promptly and to process], but do not waste time seeking revenge. Trust that comeuppance occurs with time, truth and the psychopath’s long trail of transgressions. Let it go, because what goes around comes around—even when you are not trying to influence the outcome.”

Their advice into the mechanical dynamic of surviving social abuse and mistreatment is, in our expert opinion, quite insightful and medically solid.