“Strong women will never tolerate cheating. If she catches you once that’s it for her. If she catches you playing her it doesn’t matter how you try and justify it. Strong women look for relationships that take them to the next level in their own life. If you’re going to cheat on her, a strong woman won’t ever blame herself but she knows it has everything to do with your own insecurities.”

— excerpt, 15 Things Strong Women Don’t Tolerate in a Relationship by Thinker N of

I was not a strong woman. Throughout the course of my young life and through age 45 I snapped, crackled, and popped in response to social stimuli and date rape instructive PTSD triggering, spinal collapse producing “bad code” (toxic NLP induced) auditory as well as body language and or facial expression prompts.

Hey, I am Aspie.

I suffer from occasional naivety and I am easily provoked to meltdown as an AUTISTIC.

But it’s never been my fault, the fact that I suffer from neurological sensory overwhelm. It’s also not my fault my mother was a covert mistress or that I was the product of an illicit affair she had with the best friend of my “on paper” dad.

I was groomed by all THREE of my parents to hide covert situational neglect and abuse.

Being gaslit pervasively from childhood made me the perfect target for people with ASPD and other forms of Cluster B affectations to spot me in a crowd and to know exactly the kinds of things to do and say to make me feel as if I was a bad person if I responded or reacted to abuse literally IN ANY WAY.