“What makes strong women so appealing is the respect they have for themselves. They will never tolerate being talked down to or belittled. If you make the mistake of doing such a thing she’s going to respect herself enough to walk away. She doesn’t need someone who doesn’t treat her well all the time and she sure as hell won’t choose somebody like that to spend her life with.”

— excerpt, 15 Things Strong Women Don’t Tolerate in a Relationship by Thinker N of MYGREATMINDS.com

I was not a strong woman. No disrespect, but I don’t LIKE women who are socially competitive or situationally abusive — so I never had a desire to become like one of the self-proclaimed ones.

The problem with pulling a JANIE Galt on personal and professional success I one risks becoming a waffle ribbed for Cluster B people and vertical thinker’s sadistic pleasure to manipulate. By giving abusive personality types gaslighting assertions subjective credit, even Mrs. Butterworth herself says, “Oh to hell with this…” and loses her PATIENCE.

Waffling is not the same thing as becoming a waffle. Waffles are tasty and delicious snack for a foodie or egocentric, supply seeking hunter gatherer (literal) or for any social predator (figurative).