Waiting around.

“Strong women know the value of their time. She’s not going to sit by her phone waiting for you. She also has the confidence to make any move she wants and she won’t bat an eye about it. Don’t text her three days later and expect a response because she knows her worth and your inability to see it has nothing to do with her.”

— excerpt, 15 Things Strong Women Don’t Tolerate in a Relationship by Thinker N of MYGREATMINDS.com

I was not a strong woman. Not by Cluster B ethics and social rubric standards.

But I am strong.

The conflation of the meaning of the platonic word form of “strong” (from a purely stipulative definition) is what makes predators be drawn to me and repelled by me, typically simultaneously.

Think of a magnet.

Empaths tend to use push-pull technology to keep their fluid homeostasis in balance.

Psychopaths — who, typically are nothing more than HSP Sociopaths or Traumatized Empaths who have been socially broken, leading them to develop Psychopath affectations that are similar to people who are biologically low to no EQ whatsoever — are simply able to process the CONCEPT of “metal”.

Mettle, to them, is a non-existent thing. Something weirdos and poets and “losers” talk about themselves and their heroes or role models having.