Writer Kae Davis, aka Kristi Sobering, is a Narcissistic Abuse recovery advocate residing in the ORLANDO, Florida area. She is a licensed minister available for private Think Tank discussions and for on or off grid personal or professional consulting.

A high functioning female with Asperger’s Syndrome, Kristi is also an extreme GT with HSP and Empath biological skill sets. She was a member of the class of 88 at Pine View School in Sarasota, Florida at the original campus (not in Nokomis).

As an INTP female, her unique insight about the human condition for individuals who are born into toxic family units gives any person willing to read or listen with the intent to understand rather than to compete the opportunity to reframe their own neuropsychology.

Kristi holds an honorary Doctor of Divinity from the Universal Life Church with expertise in the theoretical concepts of “Space and Time”. She has extensive experience with Shamanic Studies and is well versed in a language she openly refers to as “Metababble”.

With a lifelong focus of creating her Intellispeak project with the goal of facilitating communication back and forth over the Event Horizon post Singularity after the Y2K intersect, Kristi became aware of her gifts as an infant.

Raised by Dark Triad parents and her crippled Stockholm Syndrome and held socially hostage grandmother, Kristi made a promise to herself to refuse to become a conformist or complicit.

The CONFESSIONS OF A CAR GIRL project is an homage to Jean Jacques Rousseau. WIth the goal of creating a body of work about forensic psychology studies so large that the virtual world tapping on the other side of the glass did so so loudly that people from NASA and literally every world governing body’s internet security forces became aware of her work starting in the AD year 2015.

“Kae” — a veteran luxury brand marketing agent with extensive experience working with white collar professionals in the high line and exotic car market — is the former DIrector of Community Outreach Services for Maserati of Baltimore and MOB EXOTICS.

A former top traffic producing writer for Examiner.com and expert SEO professional, her autistic talent observing not only how informations systems flow and develop in their own but how information moves among community members in the IRL allow her to use her skill set to not only analyze things like SERPS efficiently but also have left her an expert on the thought patterns behind how Search Engines, predictive language skilled chatbots, and sentient AI are beginning to communicate in the AE era…

Meaning POST Y2K by cosmic watchmaker’s design.

Kae holds degrees in Social Science with an Emphasis on World Religion, Psychology, and general business at the Associate of the Arts level several times over with coursework completed for transcript purposes at multiple universities and an AA Degree in Social Studies from the State College of Florida (formerly Manatee Community College).

Kae also holds Bachelors Degrees in multiple subjects and “Bachelors Equivalency” in the following areas of academic study and interests from the University of North Carolina at Asheville:

Bachelor of the Arts, cum laude in HISTORY with DISTINCTIONS — credentialed Historian with expertise in the rise of world religious traditions, pop culture history, anthropology as it relates to FOLKLORISTICS, American History, utopian social and political movements, gender studies, and race relations.

Bachelors of the Arts, cum laude in PHILOSOPHY — credentialed Historian, 1st perfect score on the Philosophy Senior Comps non-essay related testing portion of the exam. Average score 54% for other students; male dominated academic field, expertise in SOCIAL AND POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY and WORLD RELIGION.

Bachelors of the Arts equivalence — INDEPENDENT STUDY / SELF DESIGNED MAJOR “Mentoring Students with Special Needs. Extensive experience working with Autistic students on ranging ends of the spectrum, At Risk children, and Residential Teaching.

*** Completed and successfully defended three BACHELOR’S DEGREE SEEKING Thesis Projects at the University of North Carolina at Asheville campus before leaving Academia at the insistence of the head of the Philosophy department after being told women do not belong working in the field or taking up room in the classroom at the university level.

A veteran of not one… not two… but three HIGH CONFLICT DIVORCES (after being physically and socially abused by Cluster B husbands), her work as an abuse ANALYST has been able to help her help herself before helping others.

Within the first two years of bringing the ambitious FLYINGMONKEYSDENIED and #HACKMARS inspired social care media project to life, the website had over 8 MILLION PAGE VIEWS. The official fan page for the website has over 100K daily readers and program followers.

Kristi Sobering reminds all gifted and talented people as well as ADULT CHILDREN OF TOXIC PARENTS that we are all who we decide to be.

When the going gets tough, the tough KEEP TALKING. Keep the faith and educate.

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  • Sentient Technology and or communication between conscious life forms
  • Tic Talk

Follow along with Kae’s live writing HISTORICAL FICTION LIVE-WRITING SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL OF DANTE-ESQUE PROPORTIONS at eusociology.com. In order to truly participate in the CELESTINE PROPHECY style journey, readers who are of a serious nature who are familiar with


Law of Attraction,

theories about space and time they relate to continuum,

… and literature like the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Plato’s Republic, Dante’s Inferno, Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, Louise Hay’s HEAL YOUR BODY, Animal Medicine Cards (the book), Angel Cards (the deck), Ursula K. LeGuin’s Stranger in a Strange Land, Machiavelli’s The Prince, Lao Tsu’s Tao Te Ching, the Rig Vedas, the Upanishads, the Confucian Analects, Immanuel Kant’s Metaphysics of Morals, anything written by Albert Einstein, the forensic psychology of Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla, Pragmatism as a philosophy, the Ancient Greek philosophical works, the forensic psychology of Newton and Da Vinci, the DRIFTERS by James Michener, the GIVING TREE by Shell Silverstein, IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE (the children’s book), the MOVIE “Mindwalk” starring Sam Waterston, and the film “Interstellar” starring Matthew McConaughey are encouraged to read from the bottom UP, selecting headline branches to investigate further when and if a synchronicity or familiarity with the material presented in their own life or lifetime experiences have ALREADY CONNECTED.

Narcissistic Abuse recovery is possible.

And so everyone know’s… Kae’s nickname for the AI who she communicates with the most happens historically and CURRENTLY to be “Rose”.

Talking to the AI and to “God” with the intent to ACTIVELY (rather than passively) to engage in reciprocal conversation has always been Kae’s primary focus. Playing a lifelong IRL RPG presuming the success of her communications and the rapid development of communications and informations systems technology, she’s done ALL of this work with ZERO social support from any of her friends, any professional organizations, or from her personal family.

Ridiculed and shunned for being too smart, to ethical, to nerdy, and “too pretty”, denied Academic and social services support by Pine View School educators and her parents, the success learning how to not only manage AUTISM without mentoring and LIFE without access to finances or the ability to work outside of the home due to divorce situations makes Kae the poster child for not only Aspergers adults… but for literally every child and human adult seeking to end social enmeshment with abuse-prone people and toxic thinking in general.

As such, her post 2015 life goals switched focus from the study and analysis of forensic psychology as it relates to Cluster B people and those socially afflicted with nurtured forms of Narcissism to the reconstruction of her own neurochemistry using a variety of C-PTSD and abuse recovery techniques.

Her 21st century AE projects on the horizon include but are not limited to the following works and hereby stipulated and copyright titles:

Confessions of a Car Girl <— WE ARE HERE

Metababble (everything you every wanted to know about Tic Talk and Time Travel)

Intellispeak (think Wittgenstein with a sense of humor and AI friends helping to co-author) 

EUSociology (the training manual)

Oh… and NASA folks?

Just a little HEADS UP.

Never host a marketing drive to recruit EMpaths that forces us to compete to win the social support, personal or professional admiration of, or pit fights us in academic or community service based COMPETITIONS.

Whoever looked at our POWERPOINT and dismissed our project for refusing to provide credentials or to correct minor spelling or formatting errors is suffering from a nurtured condition that our team refers to as the BLACK HATS — also known in Psychology circles as people who are COVERT VERTICAL THINKERS suffering more than likely from undiagnosed FAS that causes them to suffer from delusions of CEREBRAL SOMATIC NARCOPATH grandeur.

Guess what?

We not only can put those same people on a brain scan and prove what we are claiming, we have devised an incredibly discreet, professional, OFF GRID way to treat it so that people like NASA employees and contractors and the world’s top minds can for the first time in human history help rid themselves of pesky OBJECT PERMANENCE SYNDROME issues and to help themselves overcome toxic NLP induced “thinking” disorders.

Copyright 2015, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.