“Talk about the way to get an easy A on a college paper — share your story about what life is really like for a girl who has been pervasively slut shamed and high society blacklisted. With any luck, the book will end up on the New York Times BEST SELLER list someday… making having gone through all the life lessons and social experiments worth every single bit of heartache.”

— Anonymous Jones, Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Advocate

When Emma Stone agreed to star in the big screen movie “Easy A”, she did car girls and good women everywhere who like MEN a huge favor. By tackling the problem of slut shaming head on (no 8th grade giggle inducing pun intended), the fictional protagonist helped EVERYONE.

The movie helped to gracefully illuminate an age old problem about what to do when people are fickle and don’t really care about you.

Not only was the lead character pervasively slut shamed, even her closest friends and family members failed to have her back or care in the least bit what their callous disregard of her human nature and honest emotions was doing to a girl whose only crime was being far too nice at times to everybody.

As the character matures, realizing throughout her experience that not only was Dante Alighieri right but so was Niccolò Machiavelli. Proving people are fickle and likely to jump on a bandwagon (mobbing with little to no credible evidence), she was quickly able to ruin then to regain social control of her own reputation.

In the end, the young lady finds herself without friends or family members honestly able to understand her. Thankfully, by finding herself first, she was finally able to let go of her attachment to needing to seek validation, approval, and understanding from those who based on historical evidence never truly had the capacity to love, like, or appreciate her.

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