“Forensic Psychology evidence for furture psychologists, cultural anthropologists, and historians to study and cite for future government, historical, microexpression, body language, and medical research projects to support HOMELAND SECURITY.

#HACKINGCLUSTERB — #Microexpressions

Readers, please describe what you intuit about the CHARACTER, nature, or emotional psychology of the character actor Carole O’Connor as he masterfully played the role of Archie Bunker — a #COLLAPSEDNARCISSIST — on late 20th century American television.


To help GEN X and people around the WORLD understand why MILLINEALS are suffering form EXTREME sourcelss anxiety ans starting to suffer physically from C-PTSD due to exposure to gaslighting, doublespeak, implied threats, social derision, and the pervasive undercurrent of culturally nurtured desensitation to violent, aggressive, egocentric, socially toxic and DEPLORABLE Cluster B Machiavellians.

Email flyingmonkeysdenied@gmail.com with your own hisotical family photos for examination and personality type comparison to help our traumatized seniors and their empathic caregivers to better understand how to phsyically care for them while limiting their ability to verbally abuse or phsyccally assault or traumatize other humans.

#HACKMARS but debugging NEURAL code lines that inspire psychologies to misfire and pack predate align.”

From Name That “Archie Bunker Face”. Posted by Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Flying Monkeys – OH MY on 10/17/2016 (44 items)

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