What is the average word count of a book or a novel?

Think about it.

50,000 words to write in 30 days is your academic assignment. It’s also your personal and professional writer’s challenge.

50000 / 30 days = 1666 words per day minimum

30 days is 720 hours. That gives NaNoWriMo enthusiasts the opportunity to compete only with themselves to improve their time and writing quality 43200 minutes to devote to making the world a better place in general by writing things they think about, they have researched, or they have personally experienced or been told in story form by a first person source down.

The classic family novel and mature children’s book “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe” was only 36363 words. Tesla challenge suspected.

Lord of the Flies was only 59900 words.

47093 words made the fictional character and his forensic psychology stereotype definition of his character world and multigenerationally famous when the seminal work “The Great Gatsby” was published.

Keep that in mind whether you are working on book or novel projects related to academic pursuits, items you discuss as a professional or expert hobbyist, something fun and light-hearted, fiction, non-fiction, a biography, a memoir, a ghost writing piece to be published under a pen name of under the name of another author, or if you are simply writing something like abstract historical fiction or science fiction for fun that the only way a writer is never going to be successful is if we silence ourselves.

Keep the faith.

If there’s a book or a novel or any form of written work in your head or piece of artwork that is begging to be created, create.

Social Memories from our ancestors are likely to give each of us a unique take on life and a sense of expertise. What are your ancestors memories and opinions influencing your social judgement?


If you are mindful to allow yourself to let the writing process flow unedited, you will be amaze how much of your insides so easily start to spill out of your conscious and subconscious mind when you (or me or anyone) is creative.


NaNoWriMo word count numbers comparison to famous books and novels