Pillars of Salt

A personal confession —
For decades, like so many other abuse victims and kind-by-nature individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome or on the Autism Spectrum who are high IQ but socially unenlightened, I believed what I was told — that I deserved abuse, to be socially neglected, and that the fact people were even being abusive was all in my head.
As it turns out now that the floodgates are open that my suspicions about there being life OUTSIDE of the Cluster B mind trap exists.
While I feel so overwhelmingly sorry for the people I have spent my life loving that they are not likely to ever be able to see or realize the grave import of their conscious behavior choices, I have been experiencing a wave of lightning in my soul remembering when God asked Lot and his wife to go NO CONTACT with the people of Sodom.
May the people I love become the Pink Himalayan salt pillars of the generations of 2 and 3D reality to come…
While those among us who make a different choice be able to move gracefully and with ease forward to make new lifelong friends of the GARDEN variety…
Not at all trapped in social entanglements with vertical thinkers or those who use circular logic to somehow try to justify their own abuse and moral neglect of the fundamental human rights of others.
May they NEVER “grow a conscience”.
To have one surface after their actions would likely produce in any rational, horizontal thinking person, a grief and humiliation too weighty to bear. As such, my hope for them is they never actually learn how to CARE.
This is the BLESSING I leave for them, with the hopes that in their life and mind the memory of me fades entirely and immediately from their vision…
Knowing that when the time comes for them to seek solace and comfort from another, may they be greeted with the same amount of kindness and goodwill they have shown me and their own preferred scapegoat targets defined as “others”.
May they “get” every wish and need met without having the power or opportunity to situationally abuse anyone who is, by nature, a man or woman of goodwill who mindfully chooses to actually behave better.
Cheers from the writer and staff of FlyingMonkeysDenied.com — a Narcissistic Abuse recovery website. Keep the faith and EDUCATE, Adult Children of Toxic ParentsNarcissistic Abuse recovery is eternally POSSIBLE.