“Being unkind is also a sign of insecurity. People are mean when they are threatened. Strong women will never choose someone who is mean because how you treat EVERYONE whether they have something to offer you or not is who you are. What you’ll like most about strong women is their heart. They care about everyone because that’s how you build relationships is when it’s built on kindness and caring.”

— excerpt, 15 Things Strong Women Don’t Tolerate in a Relationship by Thinker N of MYGREATMINDS.com

I was not a strong woman. But I am a kind person by nature.

Please stop trying to do away with and or to force messengers to reincarnate against our will. Our desire is to end all forms of social and psychological and or energetic enmeshment with any peer group, person, culture, or society in devolutionary decline.

Our genetic life path goals and self-actualization needs, as Guardians and defenders of all things under the sun positive or constructive by nature’s design, are simply physically and spiritually different from those of other Cluster B, nurtured narcissistic, socially competitive, and or non-sensing (meaning non-HSP) people(s).