The Narcissist is Petty

Narcissists are petty and eager to boast

Never let a Narcissist bully you into remaining silent. Never trust a Flying Monkey to give you good advice or information that’s accurate. Never believe the lie that you are responsible for someone else’s behavior.

Do learn to recognize emotional abuse and triggers so you can distance yourself from any person exhibiting poor lifestyle choices or bad behaviors.

Reading more about how Narcissistic people act and treat others in general over on can indeed be a real eye-opener.

The Narcissist is petty and ready to boast about everything they think about themselves that is grandiose.

If they are an Overt Narcissist expect typical extrovert buffoonery; if they are a Shy Narcissist (also known as a Covert Narcissist or Vulnerable Narcissist in some psychology and self-help circles), expect their behavior to constantly reflect a seemingly Collapsed Narcissist affect.

The Narcissist is Petty
The Narcissistic is petty and eager to boast.