Collapsed Narcissist

Collapsed Narcissism, defined as a second condition that forms after the original formation of NPD [Narcissistic Personality Disorder — a nurtured rather than by nature condition], tends to emerge during middle years of youth (rather than in early childhood) says — a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Website.

Collapsed Narcissists are people who believe until they are six years old or a new baby arrives in the family unit that they are the most special and entitled people in the universe. Once the replacement shiny object arrives, the parents switch nearly all their attention and affection to nurturing Golden Child favoring Sibling Rivalry.

A child who is taught they have no rights because a younger sibling, for instance, is constantly underparented and overindulged by a toxic parent or someone grooming them to act like some kind of socially and neurologically unfit Prince, expect the parent to tell the elder children in the family when the favorite acts up to give the learning Abuser what he or she wants.

The child who used to be treated as if they were the smartest, most entitled, most beautiful, and flawless creatures in the universe are the type to Collapse. They get nasty and whiny and passive-aggressive typically by or before they are either through puberty or they are forced to deal with having to socialize with healthy others in the real world at places like college or for their early adult choice of employment.

The character Al Bundy on Married With Children (the television show starring actress Christina Applegate) is a Collapsed Narcissist. Think POLK HIGH every time you are forced to socially encounter one of the truly nurtured grandiose and utterly self-worth delusional personality type.