“Jealousy is a sign of insecurity. She can’t waste her time trying to convince you, you have her. She can’t keep repeating her guy friends are only that. She spent enough time working on herself and her own issues of insecurities. She knows the only way to beat it is build yourself up and that isn’t something a partner can teach you. Confidence comes from something within you not because of the person sleeping next to you at night.”

— excerpt, 15 Things Strong Women Don’t Tolerate in a Relationship by Thinker N of

I was not a strong woman. I also am fully aware of the difference between my emotions — noting that “jealous” behavior is rooted in something socially competitive (therefore not an actual emotion or rooted in any feeling based on any stimuli that is rational).

Aspies tend to see everyone else as INFERIOR genetically speaking as well as intellectually. We also tend to feel sorry for people who lack our own unique genetic abilities and skill sets.

People who project their own core nature or neurological deficiency observations onto us gaslight themselves far more than they are likely to be EQ and IQ socially, neurologically, or emotionally be able to handle without triggering at the mere suggestion that we are simply not physically interested in competition.

Aspie chicks compare ourselves to the person who we were yesterday. Those of us who are into reading self-help literature and who obsess about things like global Narcissistic Abuse recovery see people teaching their offspring how to socially compete rather than to collaborate as devolutionary.

People of a lesser ilk of biological species but who technically still fit the classification of human tend to have low to no emotional intelligence (also known in Psychology and Self-Help social circles as EQ).

The higher the intellect and the lower the EQ, the more likely a person is to become irrationally socially competitive.

Competing for the romantic affection or social attention of other people in order to gain some form of “conquest” or victory is the most inane waste of time and human mind to most people who are on the Autism scale. Aspie females — and Aspie males — as well as gender neutral people — tend to have a fundamental biological understanding of this point that requires no explanation being given or taken to justify the veracity of the following assertion:

Empaths are the least physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, or emotionally competitive people on the PLANET. To us, the mere IDEA of the term “jealous” makes our inner Socrates burr up and vomit the metaphoric gaslighting inspired and scientifically disprovable hemlock.